Saturday, January 1, 2011


TRON is a four letter word.

I saw TRON: Legacy this evening. Although the original movie was somewhat cheesy, even when I think about it years later, there was still something so very... iconic about it. At a time when the term "cyberspace" was barely in existence, it was one of the first movies to actually try to visually illustrate what cyberspace might be like.

Legacy, however, lacked some of that. Yes, it did a good job with the 3D differentiating one world from the other - but it is somewhat ironic that the "real world" was in 2D while the virtual world (the one that is still very 2D in reality) was rendered in 3D. It didn't really try to represent what was "inside" a computer. As such... it lacked some of the connections that I thought were so brilliant in the original.

The best scene in my opinion? The Disney Castle logo... rendered in 3D.

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