Monday, October 31, 2011


Fear is a scary four letter word.

Fear is probably one of the most basic emotional components that we, as humans, are wired with.  It has been a survival mechanism - preparing us to flee a predator... or rooting us to the spot in the hopes we won't be noticed by them.  These days, many of our fears may be irrational - but they are still fears... no less real than an actual, imminent, physical threat.  They cause our body to react to them in very tangible ways.

But these tangible ways can also lead to us wanting to be frightened.  This is the fun side of fear.  As our body craves the adrenaline rushes and seeks new and better ways to be scared our of our wits.

Halloween is more than just meeting our sugar addictions - it also meets our addiction to fear.  Have a fun and scary Halloween.

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