Monday, November 28, 2011


Morn is a rising four letter word.

I have a dark and dirty secret. Ok... its not that dirty. And not really much of a secret. But it is dark, at least for a little while.

I love mornings.

Love them. Adore them. They are, in my mind and soul, the best part of the day. Mornings are filled with promise and hope. I'm filled with energy. Sometimes I will be up for hours in the darkness of the morning, working on a project or problem that stumped me the night before. It is when I'm most eager to get things done - and I do.

And I do it without coffee.

This morning, the glow outside my window had a reddish tint to it - so I rushed outside to see if I could capture it. The best was already fading by the time I got out, and just a few minutes later it was gone. Transitioned into a pretty basic looking day.

I'm aware of the old phrase "red in the morning, sailors take warning," but to me this is a glow that begins to warm the day.

So... good morning everyone. Here's to a good week for us all.

(These are just a few photos from the full album.)

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