Tuesday, March 6, 2012


An oreo is a well done four letter word.

Just what is the origin of the name "Oreo"? The treat of two cookies with a cream layer between them has a clear history, even if its name is unclear.

Some say that it comes from the French word or, meaning gold, and that it was originally sold in a gold package or tin. Others cite Greek words such as orexin, meaning appetizing, or oros, meaning hill, or that as a Greek word itself it means nice or well done. Other explanations get even weirder, that the cream is in between two O-shaped cookies.

The truth is probably less interesting. As the National Biscuit Company (ever wonder where Nabisco's name came from? Now you know.) were developing the cookie, they tasked a committee of some sort to come up with the name and advertising. This was the best name they came up with, for no particular reason whatsoever.

Whatever the origin - happy 100th birthday to a delicious cookie.

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