Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Let's go back to a time traveling four letter word.

Where we're going... we won't need roads!

Since today is Back to the Future Day, lots of people are complaining that they don't have their hovercar yet. But let me ask a better question.

Why didn't you invent it?

That's the whole message behind the Back to the Future trilogy. That one person (a crazy scientist... a Rock N Roll loving kid... a lunatic with a sports almanac...) can change the future.


How have you changed the future?
How did the person you were in 1985 change the world we all live in in 2015?

Because they did.

Welcome to the future!

Update: I remembered I had a picture of a homemade hovercraft in a familiar theme. Wish I had remembered it when I first wrote the post.

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