Tuesday, October 8, 2013


As the sun sets, a swan can be a very elegant four letter word.

Last night, I walked out of getting a haircut into a beautiful sunset. Fortunately, I was wearing Glass, so I could immediately capture it.

I hurried to a park at a nearby lake, to see how it would look reflecting off the water as well. The
parking area was separated from the lake by some trees, and I was initially unable to figure out exactly where the park itself was, so I was worried that I would miss some good shots. But even through the trees, the reflection looked like it would be pretty cool.

Finally finding the path, I wound my way down towards the water, looking over the lake to see if I was about to lose the color. To my surprise, however, I spotted a swan fairly close to me, with the rest of the flock further in the distance. I didn't know if it would hang around, so I quickly grabbed this shot through the trees as I maneuvered in for a better picture.

I was fortunate, she didn't fly away, tho she did swim around a bit trying to feed. As the light faded, I realized that this would be a good opportunity for me to try out some of the new editing tools that were available, but as I edited the pictures last night, I realized that it could be far too easy to get carried away with that editing. The sky and the swan and the water really spoke for themselves, and that I needed to find the best way for them to speak for themselves, without me getting in the way.

That is what Glass is all about for me, and the Swan reminded me of that. There is so much around us
that we should just relish in and enjoy our surroundings. Enjoy the sunset... the water... the isolation from the road just a few feet away from me. The swan, who ignored me the entire time, focused on the task at hand.

And perhaps you'll enjoy the full album of pictures of the sunset, the lake, the swan, and I.

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