Thursday, May 19, 2011


Bike is a four letter word.

Hey everyone!  Its bike to work week.  Take the opportunity to get that bike out thats been sitting in the garage all winter... ok... maybe for a few winters now... put on the helmet and bike to work.  Or at least to the store to go shopping instead of taking the car.  There are lots of cities in the world where biking is the norm - and more and more we're beginning to treat it as a norm here as well.

A few years back I was speaking to someone who had immigrated to the US decades ago.  He talked about how when he first arrived, he couldn't afford a car - but he could afford a bike.  And he used it to go everywhere and do all of his errands.  Eventually he got a car... but he still remembered, somewhat fondly, using his bike.

A friend of mine (who I would consider a bike enthusiast, to say the least) posed the question about what to do if you work at home.  Seems like a simple answer to me - bike around the block!  Like he needed an excuse to go for a bicycle ride anyway...

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  1. For the record, went out for a bike ride shortly after this post. Before I even got to the bike, was struck by a down pour. Thwarted by two other four letter words.