Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Skip is the four letter word everyone has been looking for.

I looked at the stats for this site this afternoon.  95% of the hits today are for the PASS OVER entry.  20% of all the hits ever made to this site are for that entry.  This tells me two things:
(1) Almost nobody actually reads this blog.  Which doesn't actually surprise me.
(2) That page is at the top of a google search for "four letter word for pass over".

It did take me a while to figure out what the source was from.  I figured it was a crossword puzzle - but none of the recent crossword puzzles seemed to use it as a clue.  Finally one of the visitors to the page commented that it was from an iOS app called "7 Little Words".  Not having an iPhone, I haven't seen it myself, but the people who have are now blaming me for providing them with a new time waster.  Hey, I didn't write the thing!  (My thanks to Kaz and Nancy for doing the research for me.)

Anyway... if you're one of the people who have come to this site because you're on the "Sunrise" area, board #9, and you're trying to figure out what a four letter word for pass over is...  now you know.

Hope you'll come visit us more frequently.

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