Sunday, August 14, 2011


Soda is a yucky four letter word.

Don't get me wrong.  I like soda.  I probably like it a little too much.  (And when I say "soda" I mean what some people would call "pop".  But lets not go there.)  Currently I probably drink far too much Coca-Cola with vanilla added or some Sprite with Cranberry juice.  But I've been trying to teach the three-year-old that its not good for him and he should stick to water or milk or, occasionally, juice.  He mostly gets it.

The other week, we were at his grandparents house and we pulled out one of his favorite toys - a Thomas the Tank Engine with wooden tracks.  We were down on the floor playing with it when I, still a novice to this bit of children's lore, asked him something about the railroad on the island of Sodor (pronouncing it so-door), where the stories are set.

He replied with a four letter word of his own. "No soda!  Soda is yuck!"

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