Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A duel is a saber rattling four letter word.

Growing up, I was powerfully inspired by the light saber duel between Vader and Kenobi in Star Wars.  For hours, I would practice the moves and the lines with my friends.

I wonder how many other people did as well?  And how many of those who enjoyed it went on to join the fencing club or SCA in college?  (Which I didn't.  The closest I got to a saber after that were some military functions.)

We had cardboard tubes and sticks to deal with, but it is amazing how much like the movie lightsabers the current crop of toys look like today.  I wonder if they're inspiring current youngsters to take up these hobbies?  I used to pass a fencing class every week, and it seemed to have quite a few kids joining it on a regular basis, so I guess it still has some popularity.

Word reached us yesterday of the death of Bob Anderson, master swordsman, and uncredited actor behind Vader's mask during many of the sword battles in the original trilogy.  Not his only brush with acting, he was choreographer, trainer, or actor in many movies such as The Princess Bride and Lord of the Rings and television shows such as Highlander.

Seems like a pretty sharp guy.

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