Sunday, January 1, 2012


A hang over can be a pretty sobering four letter word.

Everyone have a fun New Years Eve?  Waking up wondering what you did last night?

Time for a bit of a confession.  I don't drink alcohol.  Oh, I will take an occasional sip of champagne at a  celebration, but it is no more than a sip.  The reasons are somewhat varied, but they really boil down to two things:
1) I hate the taste of alcohol
2) It acts purely as a depressant on me, without any of the euphoric effects
And once you knock out those two reasons... why bother, really?

I don't mind others drinking.  If you enjoy it, and if you don't do something stupid to harm someone else while you're doing it, why should I care?  I'm not a teetotaler, expounding on the "evils of drink".  I just don't like it personally.  I've had people ask me how I unwind or deal with things if I don't have a drink to relax.  I guess I don't need it - good company and fun things to do give me the benefits others seem to get from drinking.

Without some of the less pleasant side effects.

One of the outtakes of my submission for the "Selfy Sunday Project" on Google +.

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  1. Nice. I don't drink either and have never missed out on any fun! I loved the Selfy!