Thursday, September 29, 2011


Rain is a storm of four letter words.

I was awoken this morning by a rainstorm moving through.  I love mornings, so this was not exactly disturbing to me.  I lay there, listening to the patter of rain on the roof and against my window, the occasional thunderclap interrupting, prefixed by flashes of light through the same window.  I pondered for a moment getting up and trying to take pictures.  But instead I decided to write this.

Since I've started the blog, there were several times I considered writing about rain, but rain is, in this part of the world, fairly common and normal.  I couldn't keep using it.  I needed to save it for something special.  Have deep and meaningful words accompanying it.  This wasn't even the biggest storm we've had recently.

But as the storm rages on outside... all I think about is how I'm here inside.  Safe.  Cozy in my bed.  Nothing more philosophical than that.  Just a simple desire to be safe and dry.  Not even a "simple pleasure"... just acknowledging a basic need and being thankful that I have it.

May you, also, have the shelter that you need to keep you dry, no matter what storms may rage.

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