Thursday, June 16, 2011


Blue is a four letter word urging you to THINK.

100 years ago today the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company was founded as a merger of several other companies, manufacturing products ranging from punch card and tape machines to scales and meat slicers.  More than "manufacturing", however, the company focused on leasing its products, securing a constant source of revenue and ensuring that its sales team keep closely in touch with its customers, beginning a long string of being known for its good customer relations.

In the past 100 years, the company has also been a cornerstone of research and knowledge, at one time exemplified by its internal motto "THINK".  It holds more patents than any other US technology company, and has research labs worldwide.  Growing up, I once drove past one of its New York research labs, and dreamed of working there - I still have a little notepad of paper with the "THINK" logo on the front.  Amongst its employees are five Nobel prize winners, four winners of the Turing Award from the Association of Computing Machinery, nine people awarded the National Medals of Technology, and five who have won the National Medals of Science.  Its technology is routinely showcased by playing chess against Grandmasters or game shows against past champions in their own game, but it has produced equipment used from the Census Bureau to NASA to everyday users worldwide.  And although the company nickname is "Big Blue", it is doing extensive research in Green technology.

Today that company is known as IBM.
Something to think about.

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