Thursday, June 9, 2011


Four letter words are a Word Game.  And "Word Game" are two four letter words.

When I was [adjective] than I am now, my [relative] introduced me to a game called "Mad Libs".  It took me several [plural time period] till I really understood both how to play, and why the [noun] was as fun and funny as it was.  When I first learned how to program a [noun], it was the first program that more than a couple of my closest friends [verb].  It probably helped me somewhat in my English classes, although I never became a very [adjective] grammarian or speller because of it.  But because of it, I've always had an interest in puns and other [plural noun].  It [verb] my thinking when I wrote Addventure.  When I first joined [website], I wondered if it would make a good application - and I may still write a version of it for that platform (although I note that there is an official app for the i[noun], this always seemed more of a social game).  You can still see new versions if you [verb] through many stores.  Even this very [noun] can be seen as a word game.

News comes today that Leonard B. Stern, one of the authors of Mad Libs passed away last Tuesday at the age of 88.

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