Friday, July 29, 2011


Boot is an appreciative four letter word.

Today is System Administrators Appreciation Day, a day to thank the folks who keep the servers and desktop computers running so that you and I can do things like... well... post this blog.

I'm not a system administrator, but in my day-to-day job I'm often asked to do system administration tasks.  Every time I do, I appreciate the role a good system administrator plays in getting a system working, monitoring it for problems, updating it so it stays working, and keeping things going so I can sleep at night.  If servers are the hidden force behind the Internet today, system administrators are the hidden force behind them.  Even for our desktops and laptops, there has been a lot of work to make them easier for us to manage ourselves without having someone step in and make every change... but when things go wrong, it is the system administrator or their equivalent who has to step in and save the day.

Oh... and why "boot"?  These days, I mostly have to call on my system administrator when one of my servers needs a reboot and I can't do it remotely.

There are a lot of system administrators I end up working with.  Some I know, while others I will never meet nor know their name.  All of them deserve my appreciation, and yours.  (And if you don't give it to them... don't be surprised if you can't log in tomorrow.)

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