Thursday, July 14, 2011


Thanks facebook!  Not.
Sorry everyone for the problems.
This morning I got several friends send me messages asking if I was having some problems.  Since I wasn't aware of any NEW problems I was having, it took some untangling to figure out what they were talking about.  Turns out that facebook had decided to post 24 recent blog entries as individual notes, something it hadn't bothered doing since June 1st.  The result spammed my friends.

First of all - my apologies to my friends.  I don't know how many of you are blocking me because of the daily FLW posts in the first place, and I can imagine that you don't particularly want to see them much more than you already do.  I do try to limit my posts on the subject to about one a day - even I don't like listening to myself speak all that much.

Now... how did this happen?  When I first started the blog, facebook claimed to have a feature that would let you post notes automatically from an RSS or Atom feed.  The feature, like most FB features, was buried somewhere in their configuration.  It only took a few days to realize it didn't work all that well, but it worked well enough that I was being lazy about finding a different solution.  I would occasionally send them email saying it had stopped, and it would sometimes start working after I emailed, but I never got a reply from them.  Eventually it stopped working and I stopped caring, switching to posting the link manually.

Apparently, it wasn't as dead as I thought.  I've now muddled my way through the configuration and turned it off.  I hope.

While I'm at it, I might as well mention exactly what my plans were and are for facebook and such.  I've been trying to use their "Graph API" to be able to post automatically when new blog entries show up.  My experiments have indicated that either I'm doing something wrong, or their documentation has holes in it.  My appeals to their support forum resulted in the usual deaf ears (they have a massive 25% response rate for problems there).  I setup a Page on facebook for the purpose... but it suffered the same problem.  I decided to keep posting manually and moved on for the moment...
... to twitter.  Where I'm also still posting things manually, but its more fun to do so there than facebook.  Feel free to follow @iaflw.  I was preparing to make the automated posts here... when something new came along...
Google+.  I'm pretty sold on the idea of G+ and how its both similar to, but very different from, twitter and facebook.  I think I like the "big idea" that it has, which goes far beyond a mere social network.  But its still in limited field trials, and it doesn't have an equivalent of Pages yet... or an API!  So things are sitll manual there, too.  But this is where I'm most eager to post for right now.

Again, sorry for the spam.  I hope you'll keep reading if you can over look this...

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