Saturday, July 2, 2011


Sand is a four letter word.

Had a marvelous day at the beach today with my 3-year-old and his grandparents.  I used to go to this beach all the time when I was younger, but hadn't been there in years.  It was fun taking him and bringing back some memories.  No, this wasn't his first beach visit, but the waves were a bit bigger than previous visits (to more tame beaches), and he is a bit bigger himself.  He charged right into the water, not the least bit fearful of the waves that were trying to knock him over.  Refused to get out when he was clearly cold.  He tolerated, barely, the sand castle we built together... but rushed back into the water at first opportunity.  What an awesome time.

So what is the "safe" angle here?  Just a simple reminder that, when you're dealing with recreation on the water, be it at the beach on an ocean, at a local pond, or in your swimming pool, to make sure you follow simple rules of water safety.  One great rule is to make sure that someone trained in water safety and rescue is always nearby and keeping an eye on the proceedings.  Playing with water can be fun... you can even get a bit wild... but make sure you keep it safe.

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