Friday, July 1, 2011


Seat Belt are two four letter words to keep you safe - a third four letter word.

With a long holiday weekend ahead of those of us in the US (and Canada, who are celebrating Canada day today), my three-year-old reminded me of a good set of four letter words that I had been saving.  Seat Belt. Use them when you're driving, and make sure everyone in your car is as well.  Kids should be in car or booster seats that are properly sized and installed in your car.

Seat belts have become standard in autos these days.  We take them for granted.  But it was only a few decades ago when cars didn't have seat belts at all.  Over time, and with a little pressure, manufacturers and buyers came to realize that it was a reasonable precaution that would do a great deal to keep people safe for a very modest cost (in terms of money, effort, and convenience).

There are many such things in our world today - fairly modest things we do that reap great safety.  As summer gets into full swing, think about the simple things you can do to keep yourself and those you love secure and safe.

(Hint: Tune back all weekend for some other thoughts.)

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