Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Tree Dark are two shady four letter words.

Conversation with my three-year-old walking home in bright sunlight.

"We're under the tree!  Its dark!"
"Its called 'shade'."
"No!  Tree!  Dark!  Not light!"

I think we have opposites down pretty well.  Now to start working on shades of gray.


  1. I think you have about 6 years until nuances kick in.

  2. Difficult to tell. He is pretty good at colors like "light blue" and "dark blue" and how they're different shades of blue. But not as good with "black" vs "gray".

    I more wish I knew where to look for a good, simple, guide for what to look for when. I know it varies, but I feel like I'm always a step behind in guiding him through his discoveries, and the development charts I find are too vague to be useful to me.