Monday, December 5, 2011


Your home town is a four letter word you can always name.

I find it amusing that, even for people that moved around a lot during their childhood, everyone that I've spoken with will identify with some "home town".  It may be nothing more than a place that isn't really a town, or it may not be anything more specific than a state or country... but even if you hated it and couldn't wait to escape, there is still some personal pride we have about where we come from.

Take, for example, the case that has been in the news about a woman from Effin, Ireland, a village of around 1000 people.  It is easy enough to find on Google Maps, but trying to set it as her home town in Facebook caused an error.  Trying to create a group to raise awareness of the name, she got an error message indicating the name was obscene.  Various reports since this news broke seem to suggest this may just be an oversight, but it is still disturbing to be told not only that your home town doesn't exist, but that its name is obscene.  (One has to wonder if Intercourse, PA exists in their database.)

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like your home town.

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