Saturday, December 22, 2012


Sometimes you feel like a four letter word. Sometimes you don't.

Yesterday I used "feel fine" for the FLW, and I don't normally use the same word so close together, but I encountered this article by Peter Bregman titled "Can You Admit What You're Feeling?" while doing some research, and it knocked me back into my chair. It expressed so well some of the things I've been pondering recently about interactions with my four year old, but also gave me a clue into what had been bothering me about my ponderings. I felt it required another post.

I felt conflicted about my feelings, and convinced that I should be feeling one way or the other. But here was someone that suggested that both sets of feelings were ok at the same time. Something like a quantum theory of emotions.

Perhaps that is the real challenge for me - not to think I "need" to feel one way or another... but to handle each set of feelings appropriately.

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