Friday, December 28, 2012


Flaw is a many faceted four letter word.

I was thinking about flaws the other day.  Flaws in the software I write... and flaws in the software I use.  Flaws in how I act and behave... and the perceived flaws that I see in how others act and behave.  I was getting pretty down on myself, to be honest.

But I remembered something about diamonds and their "flaws". Most diamonds, no matter how nice they look, have flaws in them. Bubbles and cracks. Sure, there are "internally flawless" diamonds, but they lack something... character. Look at a diamond under the microscope, and the pattern that it makes is unique among any other diamond.

Some people cherish those unique differences. They're fingerprints for the gemstone. Light that passes through it will act differently than any other such stone.

And it is difficult to remember, sometimes... but people are the same way. Sure, we all have our individual flaws... but people appreciate us because of the light that passes through us and refracts off those flaws. A different pattern emerges.

And there are people, somewhere, that appreciate that pattern of light, no matter how flawed the source.

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