Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A mini is a core four letter word.

You may have heard that Apple released a new iPad yesterday called the iPad Mini.

Most people I know who are in a position to buy one... completely didn't care. Oh sure, they thought it was an ok device, but they weren't really interested - most of them already either have an iDevice that meets their needs or have a competitor tablet that meets their needs.

What was interesting to most of them, however, was another "Mini" that was released - the latest Mac Mini got more attention from my friends who were seeing it as a good time to upgrade several year old hardware with a new, fast, and relatively inexpensive box. It wasn't flashy (although it has some cool flash drive options), and it wasn't wafer thin (although it is small and sleek and easy enough to put out of the way), but it looks solid and useful for many people.

I can easily see a box like this being attached to a TV and used by many members of the family for many purposes. The hardware can certainly support using it this way, and the operating system is well designed for multiple users.

Sometimes I wonder if it is boxes like the Mac Mini, in conjunction with your phone or a tablet, that are more the future of personal computing than the laptop or desktop of old. Some more thoughts on this in my next post.

Until then, I leave you with a picture I took a few weeks ago of a nearby Apple Store. I was playing with the panorama feature on an iPhone5 to see how well it worked if I didn't completely follow the directions about how to move it.

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